Doors, Windows, Chairs, you name it we paint it.

Are your kitchen cabinets looking dull? Have spills, grease splatters, and daily use taken its tole? There is a trick that can freshen up an outdated kitchen at a fraction of the cost! Cabinet painting or refinishing can give any kitchen needed.
It’s important not to overlook your cabinets and shelving. More than providing storage, cabinets, and shelves add to the appearance of your space.
Let our Tones & Hues help you refresh your shelves, built-in units, and cabinets today!

The Advantage of Refinishing Your Cabinets

Environmentally Friendly Painting Solutions

Due to the fact that many people have allergies and are sensitive to chemicals. We try to use paints and stains with low to zero vocs (volatile organic compounds). These are carbon chemical compounds that readily evaporate into the atmosphere, damaging the ozone layer. We are concerned about the air quality in your home.

Areas of Tones & Hues Service

  • Andover, VT
  • Ascutney, VT
  • Baltimore, VT
  • Cavendish, VT
  • Chester, VT
  • Londonderry,  VT
  • Ludlow, VT
  • Okemo, VT
  • Perkinsville, VT
  • Proctorsville, VT
  • Reading, VT
  • Rockingham, VT
  • South Reading, VT
  • Springfield, VT
  • Weathersfield, VT
  • Weston, VT
  • Winsor, VT
  • Alstead, NH
  • Charlestown, NH
  • Walpole, NH