Pressure Washing

Pressure washing at an affordable price!


Certified Wolman Contractor

  • Wood restoration for decks, fences and roofs.
  • Power wash surfaces such a brick walkways, concrete, garage floors, patio, and pool areas.
  • Surface Sealing.

We use Wolman DeckStrip Stain and Finish Remover to strip weathered exterior Oil-base or Latex coatings, including solid, semi-transparent or sheer, transparent stains and urethane varnishes.

Product Features

  • Removes weathered Oil-base or Water-Base, Latex coatings.
  • Removes solid, semi-transparent or transparent stains and urethane varnishes.
  • Removes weathered Oil-base or Latex coatings.

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Pressure washing will restore the look of your home while removing years of dirt and dust accumulation from exterior surfaces. Proper maintenance and cleaning are necessary to keep your home looking its very best.

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